Some people dream of success. We help you to turn that dream into a goal and make it happen.

Like any big goal, your ultimate sporting achievement needs to be broken down into smaller, achievable steps.

Big Picture

A Periodisation Plan (overview of your complete training plan broken down into manageable phases) will be put together right through to your peak event.This is overall plan and is a fantastic tool to help you understand the 'overall picture' and so you know what the purpose of each phase of training.


Early on in your training we will arrange for you to do field (part of the package) and/or lab based testing (additional) to identify your specific training zones (definitely Heart Rate and possibly Power). This will allow you to get the absolute most out of your training and also, in the long term, help us to determine race pacing.


Following on from the 'Big Picture' and Testing, Programming provides the specific plans to get you on your way. Detailed training programmes are provided in six week segments. Intensities are based on specific Heart Rates Zones (possibly Power for on the bike too). 

All programming is designed to fit in as best as possible with your family and work commitments. Most importantly, the plans are provided in an easy to use format that encourages regular feedback. Up to date feedback is essential for continuous progression and to lessen the possibility of over-training.

Directions and sound advice are also provided for race preparation, including nutrition, strategy and pacing.

Group sessions are also included with Cycle and Run Time Trials (no charge) over the winter and then Summer Brick Training (Swim/Bike/Run) from November through to April, $10 per session for Next Level Clients.

This complete Next Level Coaching package is $35 per week (some conditions apply).